Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st Mid-Day Review

Today we left the capitol city of Canberra and began our journey to Melbourne.  We woke up to another sunny, 28 degrees Fahrenheit morning.  Breakfast was pleasantly served by our personal chef from our hostel.  This morning he surprised us with baked beans, scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes in addition to our cold cereal/ toast.  There was only one brave soul that tried the baked beans with their eggs.  

Before loading our bus for the airport a couple students visited a near by coffee shop and reported it being one of the best coffees they've had in Australia. 

Upon reflecting upon our visit in Canberra we noticed quite a few highlights based upon our Australian journey thus far.  I polled the students on our trip to the airport and received the following feedback.

  • it's nice to have a hot breakfast and having peanut butter  included with our meal plan.  
  • this was the best close encounters with wild kangaroos.
  • It's a relief that there's no hills or stairs. 
  • National Museum of Australia has the best museum lattes.  
  • John was the best bus tour guide whom taught us a few Aussie slang words that we cannot repeat in case a "fuddy duddy" is reading our blog. 
  • Seeing the Aussie prime minister in action at the House of Representatives in the Parliament building was surprising. 
  • Canberra was short and sweet. 

We boarded the plane and landed in Melbourne at 12:15 pm.  

While at baggage claim a friendly Aussie allowed Kylie to hold his three month old baby.

Here's Emily at our hostel in Melbourne.

After our group reflection and debriefing session we had a fabulous Italian dinner.  


Colby and I found The Flash and Batman outside our dinner spot.  


Batman walked back for a quick selfie.  

Today's mid-day in review provided by LeAnna. 
I apologize in advance for the selfies.   

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